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Professional Fishing Reel Repair and Service - Tampa Bay Area

Service for Your Rod and Reel - Professional Fishing Reel Repair

Welcome to Bay Area Reel Service. We are dedicated to ensuring the optimum performance of your sport fishing equipment!

We provide professional, experienced service in:

  • Fishing reel repair
  • Reel service and maintenance
  • High performance reel modifications for smoother, farther casting
  • Drag system upgrades for peak performance
  • Custom, handcrafted fishing rods – uniquely designed gifts for yourself or the angler in your life
  • Rod and reel parts and supplies

Fishing guides, charter boat captains, tournament anglers:

We offer rapid, professional reel repair without sacrificing quality! Contact or call us at any time to arrange for service or pick up/delivery of your tackle equipment throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Fishing Reel Repair

Whether casting on inland lakes for largemouth bass, angling inshore for reds and snook, or big game fishing offshore, it's an awful feeling to lose your catch when a reel drag locks down or your gears jamb. The only thing we can think of that's worse is losing a prized tournament fish due to faulty tackle. Protect your investment!

At Bay Area Reel Service we care for your reel as though it's our own. For more than a decade, we've provided the highest quality fishing reel repair.

  • Every professional reel repair includes a complete overhaul: tear down, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, and moisture inhibitor application of ALL interior and exterior parts
  • Service turn-around time is usually one to two days
  • Tampa Bay area pick up or delivery services can be arranged
  • Mail-in reels are always welcome and receive the same prompt service and expert care. Many of our repeat customers live in a different locale, but they have come to rely on our speedy turnaround time to get them back on the water in top-notch condition.
    • To help us best service your reel, please print out and complete the Reel Repair Form. Include this completed form with your reel when you send it in for repair
    • Please package your equipment carefully to avoid damage in transit
    • Include your contact information with your reel
    • Once your repair request and equipment are received, we will look it over and contact you with the repair status

Handcrafted, Custom Designed Sport Fishing Rods

Are you still using a generic, off-the-shelf rod and reel? Then, trust us – you're missing out! Factory rods are 'one-size-fits-all' - anyone who picks it up can use it. But, the difference between fishing with an all-purpose rod and a custom one is like driving an old clunker car instead of a Mercedes.

When you fish with a rod that's been tailored specifically to you, there's a "flow" to your casting, a sense of effortless when landing that prize fish, and a feeling of enjoyment that can only come from using a rod that's been created to become an extension of YOU!

At Bay Area Reel Service, we've been designing and crafting fishing rods for more than a decade and for every type of fisherman, from beginner to tournament angler. Our custom rods are perfect for you or for anyone who loves to fish!

Peak Performance Begins With Bay Area Reel Service

We look forward to working with you! For expert fishing reel repair or professional rod and reel service, contact us today.

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